David Johnson, Senior Director, Real Estate Services


As Senior Director of Real Estate Services, David directs the day-to-day technical functions of the real property tax division and is responsible for all levels of appeals of the department including various State Tax Commissions. David has a vast array of experience in both real estate and personal property cases and his 20+ year career with the Company serves him well in his role. David is recognized for his ability to work together with assessment communities to reach amicable settlements benefiting both the taxpayer and community at both the local and state board level of appeal.

During David’s tenure with the Joseph C. Sansone Company, he has negotiated tax settlements with numerous taxing jurisdictions for a multitude of property types specializing in commercial and office properties. This has produced millions of dollars in tax savings to Joseph C. Sansone clients, across multiple jurisdictions including, Missouri, Maryland and Connecticut just to name a few.

David has a Bachelors in Accounting from the University of Missouri and a Bachelor of Mathematics (Statistics) from Northeast Missouri State University and has completed extensive real estate coursework through the Institute for Professionals in Taxation. In addition, David is certified in Indiana to handle property tax appeals.

David may be reached at