Outstanding results are a core foundation of the success of the Joseph C. Sansone Company. Below you will find just a few of the thousands of examples of real estate and personal property savings within some of our core markets. If you would like additional information on results from our work please let us know.

Type: Real Estate
Savings: $288,751
% Savings:28%
For this major Minnesota confectionery's office/industrial property, we were able to deliver a significant multi-year based savings, through an appeal to the Minnesota Tax Court.
Type: Real Estate
Savings: $20,399
% Savings:46%
Through an appeal to the Missouri State Tax Commission, we were able to achieve a significant tax savings for this medical office space based upon inaccurate assessment calculations.
Type: Real Estate
Savings: $73,467
% Savings:33%
Through an appeal to the Board of Assessment Appeals as well as a prior year abatement, we were able to provide this major retail center with a grocery store anchor tenant with a significant savings.
Pacific Ocean Marketplace, The anchor store of the shopping center on the northeast corner of Peoria and Mississippi, boasts a large variety of products that cater to the Asian community on Monday Oct. 12, 2015 at Pacific Ocean Marketplace. Photo by Gabriel Christus/Aurora Sentinel
Type: Real Estate
Savings: $44,707
% Savings:16%
Our analysis of this suites hotel found overvaluation and inaccurate valuation during renovation and construction phases. After an appeal to the PTAAB, we were able to achieve a significant reduction.
Type: Real Estate
Savings: $13,431
% Savings:20%
Working for a major auto dealer with locations throughout Connecticut, we appealed their location in Norwich and successfully reduced their assessment based on a valuation argument.
Type: Real Estate
Savings: $121,015
% Savings:40%
Working for a Cook County based security company we were able to drastically reduce their assessment for their office/distribution location through a valuation review and appeal.
Type: Personal Property
Savings: $210,154
% Savings:100%
Through a valuation and ultimately exemption issue, SANSONE was able to exempt this Colorado medical office facility’s personal property tax.
Type: Personal Property
Savings: $43,254
% Savings:28%
Working for a St. Louis based packaging company, we identified asset misclassifications resulting in a recurring tax savings.
Type: Personal Property
Savings: $97,433
% Savings:59%
During our review of this retailer's new software installation we were able to identify significant non-taxable items resulting in a significant reduction.