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Joseph C. Sansone Company has a long history of appeals in the State.  We have handled hundreds of cases throughout multiple counties.  Our knowledge and experienced personnel (all Level 3 certified) will provide you with the confidence that you are receiving a thorough and accurate assessment (Form 11) review.  While we know the process at times can be tedious and slower than we would like, our results for our clients make up for the sometimes lengthy waits. We have reviewed commercial property types of many variations—office, industrial, retail, mixed use, etc.   We are well suited to handle your property tax review needs, contact us for an assessment review.

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Key Deadlines:

  • Assessment Date: January 1st
  • Assessment Notices Issued: March/April
  • Appeal Deadline: 45 days from Date of Notice (Form 11)
  • Personal Property Renditions Due: May 15th
  • Tax Bills Due: May 10th, Nov 10th
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